The Wild West was a time of lawlessness, where the United States government had little control over its territories. This is the story of one man who became an outlaw in this chaotic period, and how he lived to tell the tale.

The famous outlaws of the wild west is a group of people who were involved in crime and violence during the Wild West. They are known for their violent nature, ruthlessness, and fearlessness.

Facts about Jesse James

Information about the renowned bandit and former Confederate soldier from the Wild West.

5th of September, 1847

3rd of April, 1882

Zerelda Mimms, Zerelda Mimms, Zerelda Mimms, ZereldFacts about the infamous Wild West outlaw

Summary of Jesse James: Jesse Woodson James was born into a family of diligent workers. Jesse and his two complete siblings were born in Clay County, Missouri, to his parents. Jesse’s father, Robert James, was a prosperous farmer who later assisted in the founding of William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Jesse’s father died in California when he was three years old, preaching to gold prospectors. Jesse’s mother had a second marriage.

Jesse and his family were staunch Confederates throughout the Civil War. Frank James, his 16-year-old brother, had already enlisted in the Confederate Army. Jesse enlisted with Taylor’s company since his brother’s company was stationed in Clay County, Missouri.

Jesse and Frank enlisted the help of Bloody Bill Anderson, the leader of a band of bushwhackers, in 1864. They had a reputation for being harsh and violent to Union troops, and Jesse was recognized as one of the members who participated in the Centralia Massacre, which killed or wounded 22 defenseless Union soldiers. Jesse and Frank James’ whole family was forced to flee Clay County as a result of their punishment.

Jesse subsequently married Zerelda Mimms, his first cousin, who was named after Jesse’s mother. Jesse E. James and Mary James Barr were their two children.

Jesse and Frank earned a career stealing stagecoaches, banks, and railroads after the Civil War ended. Jesse was assassinated by a member of his own gang on April 3, 1882. It appears that the allure of collecting reward money outweighed any loyalty he had to Jesse James. Jesse James has been idealized by certain filmmakers as a guy who takes from the rich and gives to the needy. This is a work of fiction.

The who was the most famous outlaw in american history is a question that has been asked many times. The answer would be Billy the Kid and he was an infamous Wild West outlaw.

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