A World War II veteran celebrated his 112th birthday on Thursday, marking the oldest living person to have fought in that war.

The oldest ww2 vet is a man who celebrated his 112th birthday in September. He was born on the 6th of September, 1914 and he is now the oldest living WWII veteran.

On Sunday, the nation’s oldest surviving WWII soldier turned 112 years old.

Lawrence Brooks, a Louisiana resident, was serenaded by employees at his VA hospital and got birthday cards from all 50 states, according to CBS. Members of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans had organized a drive to gather cards and well wishes from around the nation before his birthday.

Lawrence Brooks, happy birthday! Outside of his house, the National WWII Museum in New Orleans is hosting a drive-by birthday party for him. He is the country’s oldest veteran… Today is my 112th birthday! Thank you for your dedication to the cause. Mr. Brooks, I’d want to express my gratitude for all of your efforts. pic.twitter.com/cGe0pvzRoJ

September 12, 2023 — Carmen Chau (@CChauFOX61)

Oldest Living WWII Veteran Celebrates 112th Birthday

Oldest Living WWII Veteran Celebrates 112th Birthday

Oldest Living WWII Veteran Celebrates 112th Birthday

Oldest Living WWII Veteran Celebrates 112th Birthday

Oldest Living WWII Veteran Celebrates 112th Birthday

Brooks, a World War II member of the 91st Engineer Battalion, a predominantly African-American regiment, served as a servant to three white commanders in New Guinea and the Philippines.

Brooks described in his oral history recorded on the National WWII Museum’s YouTube channel how one of the plane’s engines failed while flying from Australia to New Guinea carrying barbed wire.

Brooks recounted tossing barbed wire into the water to lighten the aircraft and keep it flying while laughing. The pilot and co-pilot were the only ones with parachutes. Another passenger inquired about Brooks’ actions as he went to the front of the aircraft. “I’m going to grab one of them if they go out there and jump,” Brooks added.

Brooks was married to the late Leona B. Brooks and had five children and five stepchildren.

“I admire your service and your lifetime of determination,” Secretary of Defense Mark Esper tweeted last year, wishing Brooks a happy birthday.

Lawrence Brooks, our oldest surviving WWII soldier, celebrates his 111th birthday today. I thank you for your service and for your tenacity throughout your life. pic.twitter.com/09a37yv6Yv

— Dr. Mark T. Esper (@EsperDoD) (archive) September 12, 2023


Military Times, one of our sister publications, first published this article. On September 13, 2023, the story was updated.

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