Ginger Baker was born in Berlin, Germany in 1933. His father was a jazz musician. He began playing drums at the age of four and moved to the United States in 1953. He was invited to play drums for the the Muddy Waters band in Chicago. He switched to bass in 1958, and then he played with Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis in the 1960s. He moved to San Francisco in 1969. He played with many well-known artists including the Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, and John Mayall. He was also a radio host on KALX and KMPX. He received many awards including the Down Beat magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000.

One of the most famous and influential drummers of all time, Ginger Baker played with such legendary bands as Cream, Blind Faith, and Black Sabbath. The New York Times called him “the best rock drummer of his time.” And he was known to be a ” difficult” guy, not to mention one that could be tough to work with.

Ginger Baker, English drummer and co-founder of Cream, died on the 6th. October 2019 at the age of 80. He was married four times and had three children. The musician struggled with heroin addiction his entire life and began using the drug in the 1960s. Peter Edward Baker was born on the 19th. Born in Lewisham, South London, in August 1939, he was nicknamed Ginger because of his fiery red hair. He dreamed of competing in the Tour de France at a young age, but had to give up the sport when he was involved in a taxi accident at the age of 16. Instead, he started drumming. The strong legs he developed during his long bike rides helped him to play the double bass he preferred. In 1962 he joined Alexis Corner’s band, Blues Incorporated, on the recommendation of Charlie Watts, who later went on to play with the Rolling Stones. He rose to fame in 1963 with the Graham Bond Organisation alongside bassist Jack Bruce, but it was their 1966 collaboration with Eric Clapton under the name Cream that made the three musicians superstars. Considered the world’s first supergroup, Cream combined blues and psychedelia to stunning effect in songs like Strange Brew, Tales of Brave Ulysses, Sunshine of Your Love, White Room, Badge and I Feel Free. They sold over 35 million albums, and the band’s third album, Wheels of Fire (1968), became the world’s first double platinum album. The set consists of studio recordings on one disc and a second, recorded live at the Fillmore. The 16-minute instrumental Toad, written by Baker (and first appearing on the 1966 album Fresh Cream), is a drum solo (with a brief introduction and ending on guitar and bass) and is considered one of the first recorded drum solos in rock history. Ginger Baker | AD Ginger Baker | AD Ginger Baker | AD With the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the band has expanded the vocabulary of heavy rock, especially in their fiery live shows where the three musicians stretch simple riffs into long, exploratory improvisations. Strained relations between Bruce and Baker led to the decision to break up in May 1968, although the band was persuaded to record their final album Goodbye and tour, culminating in two final farewell concerts at the Royal Albert Hall on 25 and 26 November 1968, which were filmed by the BBC and released as the Home Video Farewell Concert. After the band broke up, Baker formed Blind Faith with Clapton and Steve Winwood in 1969, but after one album and one tour, the band broke up. He was succeeded by the ambitious 10-piece band Ginger Baker’s Air Force, which combined his interests in jazz and Afro-fusion and released two albums, both in 1970. During his long and varied career, Baker also played with Hawkwind, Fela Kuti and John Lydon’s band Public Image Ltd. The death of his friend Jimi Hendrix from drugs convinced Baker that it was time to leave the London music scene and get clean. He left Britain to live in Nigeria and in November 1971 Baker opened a recording studio in Lagos, Nigeria’s capital. Around this time he helped Paul McCartney record the classic Wings album Band On The Run, where they recorded Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me), on which Baker shook a box of gravel as percussion, although their relationship fell apart due to accusations that he was never paid. In 1974 Baker, along with his brothers Adrian and Paul Gurvitz (guitar and bass respectively), formed the hard rock band Baker Gurvitz Army in London, but after three albums – the last two of which failed to hit the charts – the band split up two years later. In 1993, he moved to a ranch in Colorado to breed ponies. That same year he recorded the album Sunrise on the Sufferbus with the hard rock band Masters of Reality, including the hit single She Got Me (When She Got Her Dress On). Cream was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 and briefly reunited to play three songs before reuniting in 2005 for a series of concerts in London and New York. In 1994 he formed the Ginger Baker Trio with bassist Charlie Haden and guitarist Bill Frizzell. He also joined BBM, a short-lived power trio consisting of Baker, Jack Bruce and Irish blues-rock guitarist Gary Moore. In 2012, a documentary was made about him, Beware Mr. Baker, which revealed that his amazing drumming was not as wild and unusual as his personal life. In the opening scene, Baker attacks director Jay Bulger with a metal stick and says: I’m gonna take you to the hospital. He then looked at his life and musical journey through the broken bands, ex-wives and abandoned children he left behind. In February 2013, Baker said he suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, caused by years of smoking, and chronic back pain, caused by degenerative osteoarthritis. Baker recorded his last album, Why? in 2014. Two years later, he underwent open-heart surgery and announced he would no longer tour. In February 2016, Baker announced that he had been diagnosed with serious heart problems and cancelled all future concerts. On his blog, he wrote: I just had a doctor’s appointment… Big shocker… No more concerts for the old drummer… Everything’s been cancelled… I never thought it would be my heart of all things …. Baker once told Rhythm magazine: The drummer’s job is to make the other guys sound good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Ginger Baker die off?

I have a vivid memory of watching a documentary on the subject of King Edward VII. The documentary was on the king’s last days. Towards the end of the documentary, the narrator started to say that the king had lost a lot of weight. It was only when I heard the word ‘lost’ that I realized the king had died. The British jazz and blues musician Ginger Baker died on 16th September at the age of 79. A native of Liverpool, he was the drummer for the Fabulous Thunderbirds and also the Move, the latter of which he formed with guitarist Jeff Beck in 1969.

Is Ginger Baker the best drummer ever?

Ginger Baker is considered one of the best rock drummers ever and many consider him the best in the world. He founded bands like Cream, Blind Faith and the Baker’s Dozen. He was also the drummer for High Tide and the Stray Cats. He is the only musician to have been inducted into both the Rock and the Roll Hall of Fame and the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame. The drummer known as “Ginger Baker” is not his real name, but that is what he is best known as. Born John Baker, Baker was a founding member of the rock band Cream, which was the first group to play a mixture of blues, jazz and rock music. Baker was Cream’s first drummer, and played on such classics as “Tore Down,” “Sunshine of Your Love,” “Spoonful,” and “White Room.” Baker continued to play with Cream until their breakup in 1968, when he went on to play with a variety of bands. In the late 1970s he left the music scene to play in a band called Ginger Baker’s Air Force, and retired in 1980.

What is Ginger Baker’s real name?

The man behind the drums is a little known member of the rock group Cream, and his name isn’t just a stage name. His real name is Eric Clapton, which he was also known by in his earlier career as a blues musician. But, what is Ginger Baker’s real name? Where did he go to school? Who or what is his mother? How did he get his nickname? These are all questions that I will try to answer in this blog post. Ginger Baker (real name: John Roy Baker) is one of the best known rock drummers in the history of Rock and Roll. He’s been playing drums since he was seventeen (1947, to be exact), and to this day he has amassed a fantastic record collection. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been up to date with current music, so he’s always been a little behind the times, and his musical knowledge is limited to this era. But if he wants us to believe him, he has a heaps of knowledge about other, older musicians and their music, and he’s been able to recite their names and albums with ease.

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